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About Us

We Had the Talk is a bi-weekly podcast co-hosted by Jasmin and Kiana Brooks, two sisters with varying perspectives and one goal: encouraging others to have the tough conversations that people typically shy away from, working to uncover biases and challenge the narrative one conversation at a time.

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A Clinical Psychology PhD candidate at the University of Houston, Jasmin is a mental health visionary and leader with a passion for decreasing the stigma surrounding mental health and promoting healing within marginalized communities. Taking a slightly different route, younger sister Kiana is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, currently working in NYC as an Assistant Merchandising Manager for Men's Ready-to-Wear in the luxury fashion industry.


On this journey together, we will have real and authentic conversations with important people in our lives, as well as leaders and innovative thinkers across a wide variety of fields. Talking everything from breaking down systemic racism, to navigating relationships, to overcoming mental health challenges, ultimately our goal is to create a platform to inspire conversation and to promote knowledge one talk at a time. During this time of social unrest, uncovering biases and challenging the narrative is paramount. And so we decided, what better way to stimulate self-reflection and shed light on important topics, than to start the conversation ourselves.


Read more about our first season: Being Black in America on our Seasons page, and find our episodes linked on our Episodes page available across both Apple Podcasts and Spotify platforms!


Follow us on Instagram @wehadthetalk and on Twitter @wehadthetalkpod, and get involved by using the hashtag #wehadthetalk to share your stories with us! For business inquiries or a chance to be featured on our podcast reach out through the Contact page. 

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